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2 piece outfits for prom party

someone please put me out of my misery, i'm fucking 6 months off 23 and i look like i'm fucking 30 years old, one cunt said i look like i'm not a day younger than 26, and the worst part about my head is i have virtually no hair in the middle of my head, so now i have NO FUCKING HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you can please understand why i'm angry it's because i have no fucking hair in the middle and thick on the sides so it really defeats the purpose of having fuckin ... g hair , i started to go bald at 12 years old , fuck sake, having a bald father doesnt help either, some guys never lose their hair and they have a bald father ,but i'm just wondering why i had to go bald, my brother is a perfect example of a fuck up because the cunt doesnt shave his balding head and the fuckhead is like nearly 34, fucking hate everything about my brother and sister, my sister is a discusting bitch who puts her toe nail clippings in a can of pasito and drinks it , fucking fowl bitch, you people can see why im pissed off and worse off, i have my support worker marie who says ''thats your hairline thats your hairline and i'm like fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pisses me off ,if people delete me off their friends list fuck off now , you cunts never reply to my shit anyway, and when my support worker marie says ''im going to get motivated to lose weight'' it never fucking happens , shes 54 in less than a month and weighs 130kg , shes a victim for a heart attack, im 75 kg and i did something for myself , and when i was 85 kg she said i wasnt overweight, well fat people are often in denial about their problems , 2 piece outfits for prom party

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