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Ball Gown Prom Dresses 2020

BAD NEIGHBOUR: nope this is not a story about sorority guys with zac efron in it. Its worse than that. Pls take time to read and give us your opinion on how to deal with this situation.

Our neighbour has been harassing us for a few weeks now. me and my husband have been in so much stress with what he has been doing with us. Plus we just had a baby (2 weeks old) and a toddler.

It all started when we put up our fence because hes been using our backyard as his entrance to his ... backyard. So just to have our privacy, we decided to put a fence in our OWN backyard. Since then hes been creeping and stalking us 24/7.

Screw/lock our garage door when were out of the country.
He's been videotaping me and my kids.
Videotaping my husband and following him to work.
Hes been calling us names and threatening us.
He throws his garbage on our garage bin on garbage day, we caught him putting broken headboard under our car, and peed on our car.
Everyday is getting worse and worse

We reported him already a week ago but the POLICE told us that they cant do nothing about it.

and Today he throws a large pile of garbage from the outside to our backyard (inside our fence) He threatened my husband, he said hes gonna burn our house down with our kids in it and rape our 2 baby girls. (This really made my husband furious and he had enough so shouted at him and call him a piece of trash and he got the balls to call the police)

The POLICE guy didn't even let my husband talk and ask about our side even if my husband told them we have evidence and videos, but instead, we are told that we are invading his privacy for videotaping him and we are the one throwing garbage on his backyard (btw this guy is a hoarder). And those very helpful popo said they are too busy for our case (neighbourly dispute) Ball Gown Prom Dresses 2020

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