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UcenterDress casual informal wedding wears dressed in summer

Updates! He slept through the night from 8-7, minus a stretch from 1200-130, but it was fine because he slept with Mom in Dylan's room and it didn't wake Daddy up at all. He stood up several times today (with assistance getting up) and can get into sitting all on his own. He cruised a bit along the couch and took four steps on his own to Daddy. So many smiles and chuckles today. A dose of Motrin in am and a dose of Motrin at night - thats all for pain. And a single dose of Lasix in am to help remove fluids (some in lungs and chest cavity still). He has been eating near record-volume bottles the past two days and all in record time. Wondering if that is related to improved heart function... Time will tell. Yesterday was definitely the day he went from being miserable with a few bouts of happiness to being happy with a few bouts of miserableness. We contiue to work in therapy exercises and trying to engage him as much as possible. In this pic, he was taking a little break to cheese it up some. UcenterDress casual informal wedding wears dressed in summer :-) -with Marica Sottile