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UcenterDress wedding collections collections with colors

Here's the full story everyone *Victims name left out*
Kailib Boismier and my ex friend had a texting 'thing' going, he asked her if she wanted to do sexual things with him, she said maybe and that she would think on it, I was there for those messages and she said point blank 'I doubt it will happen, I'm a virgin I want it to be special and with someone I truly care about.' She has been saying that since we were 14, "17 and with someone I love", he came over, I had given h ... er weed, I will admit that honestly, due to my acid reflex, I had to quit, but before you make assumptions, keep in mind that nothing was wrong with this weed, it was not laced, it was not stale, it had not come into any contact with anything else. Kailib obviously couldn't handle it because I doubt he really smoked before, but he had 110% knowledge what he was going over to do, nobody drugged him. He had been left alone with the victim for 10 minutes total while my best friend and her boyfriend were making toast, in those 10 minutes Kailib Boismier and the victim had kissed a bit, yes, and she was COMPLETELY OKAY WITH THAT, but then tried shoving his hands down her pants, which she then repeatedly said no to and he did not listen to at all. He was talking big and tough to me as if it made a difference, he said word for word, "Before I got high I had a mind set that something was going to happen UcenterDress wedding collections collections with colors
And when I got high. That mindset was locked" Weed does not make rapists, it was bunk Kailib, reeeeally shit weed, the funniest thing is you were continuously throwing up in my ex friends backyard, therefore allowing most of what WAS in your system to get out BEFORE you sexually assaulted her. I may not be friends with her anymore thanks to you, but I will still make sure that you don't get away with this. End of story. *SCREENSHOTS OF CHAT WITH KAILIB IN COMMENTS*

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