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UcenterDress wedding of the maternity lady

One week ago around this exact time, this moment happened. I was in heavy labour and had been going since 4 in the morning with things progressing slowly. It was overwhelmingly painful and I was getting absolutely exhausted. My contractions were long, close together and almost unbearable and it took all of my might to stay with my breath and my body. @dennisfromsalad brought me outside to the garden and held me in the moonlight as I rode wave after wave, each contraction brin UcenterDress wedding of the maternity lady ... ging us closer to our little girl. I didn't know how much more I would be able to handle but breathing under the full moon I remembered what I was working for. Lea Luna was on her way. It would be another 8 hours before I finally had her in my arms and it would get more challenging than I ever could have imagined but in this moment... We were still in the in-between. Our last hours on this earth alone. Slow dancing to music only we could hear. Breathing. Waiting for her.

# lealuna # birthstorycomingsoon # fullmoon # labor # birth

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