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Wedding Dresses 2020 Summer

I'm trying to stay positive the devil is always trying to put a damper on your life so I go get my oil change yesterday at Walmart since I was up that way and take it nothing has been wrong with my car I just put antifreeze in my car a couple weeks ago just because it was low and my car has been running great so I take my car to Walmart to get my oil change but somehow they messed up something to my antifreeze because it's leaking now or something all I know was on my way hom ... e yesterday I noticed my gauge had ran past hot and so i get home I let my car cool down and I fell my antifreeze tank up because I thought maybe it needed a little more was my way to work this morning it did the same thing they have put a hole in my hose or somethingand I cannot wait till they open I have my receipt they're going to have to fix this because nothing has been wrong with my car my car has not overheated not one time this summer and I always check to see if I have enough antifreeze in it I am so upset then I end up living my purse at home this morning thank God for Shana Graham she's my angel but I will not think negative and give him the power to upset my day,Im giving it to the Lord....Be blessed... Wedding Dresses 2020 Summer

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