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affordable full-figured wears for formal party below 50

The very first person I shared my dream for Dance out cancer Abia laughed out loud in my face and said to me, "Nne it's like you're forgetting this is Aba? Why not just do an 'ordinary normal' awareness like they are used to. Unless you want to be the only one in attendance."
At this point, I could have given up, but i shared it with yet another person and I'm glad i did, she took it personal. And from there it was a ripple effect of encouragement. Others believed in it. Bought into it. Partnered with it. Sponsored it. I'm glad i tried one more time.

Ab initio, we planned to just educate and give out free Hepatitis B Vaccinations to 50 persons. We ended up Vaccinating 77 people for free. How? Where did the people and the money come?

It was not until late in our planning that we thought to look around and see if there were any radiology centres yet in our city doing Mammograms and we found Todac Clinics and Diagnostics. We were elated. Mammography was in Aba. We walked in and came out with a partnership. We got a 30% discount for each patient. We decided it was safe and achievable to give out 10 free Mammography vouchers cos of funding. affordable full-figured wears for formal party below 50

Today we have given out 11 totally free and 10 Subsidized( they paid N5,000 instead of N15,000, and we completed the rest) vouchers. That is 21 as opposed to the initial 10.
How? We didn't give up. We started and the journey unfolded.

We budgeted for about 70-100 persons. We had about 145 persons in Attendance. How?
God added yeast to our bread. Exceedingly, Abundantly, well above all you could ask or think.

Today all those who discouraged me are 'famzing' me. All who gave our invitation attitude are booking appointments for their various institutions asking when it will bw their turn # SipsZobo

To all who believed in me, stuck with me, endured my gingers, worked tirelessly to bring this program to fruition. Esther Awa Nnenna , Dr Channey Okai , Mr Wills Orji Kalu , Precious Okpala , Courage Ogbonna , Kelechi Eluwa , Klasikal , Onyinye Jules Ojiaku , Marvin Smooth , Rosemary Eleke Onyinyechi Hannah Korie , King Solomon , Amb Ekwuribe Daniel Chisom Ogugua Onyinyechi Rachael Kelechi Oruada , Nma Adaeze Halliday my Chief Dr Azuma, Ma'am Faithwin Okoronkwo, Dr UBani Ukoma, My Parents. Every one. I can't repay you

1)Never share your big dreams with small minds

2) Don't let some people's definition of success cloud your imagination. Dream big. Be unapologetic about it. Be extraordinary

3) Surround yourself with like minds. Look oit for them. Value them.

4) Team work is everything

5) Just start. There is no more perfect time than Now! Just start. Have your good proposals, investors and sponsors will come. Say no to fear and doubt.

6) The greatest revenge you can give your enemies is Success. Everyone is attracted to success.

7)Always sip naturally prepared zobo. It's a healthy alternative for carbonated drinks. #SipsZobo