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I am Kidney cyst patient,how to reduce my creatinine level in a natural way?
1.Lowing the creatinine.
The creatinine increasing means the kidney essence has been damaged because of the cyst pressure.The low toxin eliminating function and the glomerular filtration rate decrease make the toxin volume in the urine decreased. So we must give the treatment to the damaged kidney. Fist, heal the damaged inherent cells to recover a part of glomerular founction. Second, degrade the proliferating extracellular matrix to improve the glomerular filtration area and glomerular filtration rate. If the glomerular function is improved, the renal will be naturally able to excrete more toxicity, and then the creatinine can be decreased finally. beach dresses for mother of the bride
2.Eliminating toxicity which leads to the epthelial cell phenotypic switch of the kidney tubules in the blood to avoid the cysts reappearance.
Secretion function appears as the epithelial cell of kidney tubules transform into cystic cells. So, during the treatment, We must eliminate the toxicity in the blood .