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Next Float meeting will be Monday July 31st (168 Pine Tree Lane)
Come join us even if you have not been able to help yet.
Parade Details:

Gate opens at 10:00 on Sunday August 6th
Walkers and helpers need to enter from 14th street! We will set up in the parking lot and leave all other vehicles there (except float vehicles) then continue over to the Staging lot
No one enters from the Round-a-bout!!!!!
Bring water bottles and wear skating dresses (girls) pants (boys)
All walkers MUST wear athletic shoes!
We will be at the staging area by 12:00 but need walkers to the parking lot by 11:30.
If you are only dropping off a walker you may enter from 14th street and go behind the horse coral then drop off quickly at the bathrooms before exiting from there to the round-a-bout. beachy wedding dresses
Hope you can join us!