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black and white cocktail prom outfits


Chapter Seven


Friday came and I was regretting my decision to go to the party. Mwenzi, Grace and my mom were so excited. They bought me something I wouldn't wear not even in my wildest dreams.
The excitement level reminded me if high school prom. I never went, not that no one asked me but I refused to got.

They bought me a Royal blue dress. It a was long ,strapless sweet heart neckline and it was a bare back dress. My long hair was tornned perfectly and I wore make up for the very first time. Mwenzi made sure it looked natural so that I would be more comfortable. They even got me high heels. I wasn't very comfortable but Grace taught me how to walk in them. After an hour of tutoring I was able to move gracefully. black and white cocktail prom outfits

I looked in the mirror and I saw a different Linda. I looked like one of those models in glamour magazines.
My father almost shed tears when he saw me. He said I looked just like my late mother.

I honestly felt like Cinderella. I went with Grace and her husband.


"Cleopatra will be late let's go!" Belinda shouted as she walked in to Cleopatra's apartment.

Belinda was Cleo's best friend. She was equally a nurse.

"Relax." Cleopatra said as she took a bath.

She was soaking herself in the charms she had been given by the native doctor.

"Ewww! What's that disgusting smell?"
Belinda asked.

"Mind your own business Belinda." Cleo said as she walked to her room.

"Don't tell me those are charms. If they are for doctor Mulenga they will not work! That man prays and his not interested in you." Belinda said.

"You are an enemy of progress Belinda. I rebuke you in the name of ......"

"In the name of whom? Cleopatra Chisanga! A person with no shame, you honestly think God approves of people who go to witchdoctors?" Belinda said as she interrupted Cleopatra.

"Ehhh my friend if you won't support me then get out." Cleo said as she clapped her hands dramatically.

"Cleo insoni ebuntu.( Cleo having shame is humanity." Belinda said as she walked out of the apartment.

Cleo clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes.

She got dressed and made sure she got her drugs.

Her weave and make up was on point and her long black dress showed off her lovely figure.

"I got this ."She said as she got into a taxi.


Linda walked into the beautifully decorated room people couldn't help but stare at her. All her friends complemented her and doctor Mulenga looked at her from afar in amazement. He simply couldn't take his eyes off her just as he was about to approach Linda ,Cleopatra tapped him on his shoulder. She looked at him straight in the eye and he wondered why.

" Cleopatra how are you. You look stunning. ". He said.

Yes the charms are working Cleopatra thought to herself.

" Ahhh Cleo are you Ok." He asked .

"Ohhh am fine. You look very handsome as well."

She walked to the barman. She got doctor Mulengas a drink and spiked it.

"If I drug him alone he will find out that I seduced him so its better that I spike my drink as well. " Cleo thought to herself.

She tipped the barman with a large sum of money not knowing that Belinda was watching her.

She got the glass of juice and took it to doctor Mulenga as she waited for the barman to bring her drink.


Belinda took that opportunity to go to the barman.

"Hey that Lady gave money to put some drugs in a drink right?"

"Madam I can't tell you anything."

"I can pay you more." Belinda said.

" I will double what she paid you."

"Alright." The barman smiled.

Belinda payed him more money but unfortunately the tray of drinks was already taken by a different Waiter and Linda is the one who got the drink which was ment for Cleopatra.

Doctor Mulenga on the other hand had already taken the drink Cleopatra had given him.

The drug took some time to take effect. Cleopatra danced to the music she was sure that she had doctor Mulenga wrapped around her finger.


Doctor Mulenga approached me and we danced. I honestly didn't care who was looking at me because I was feeling too happy.

Cleopatra tried to get doctor Mulenga to dance with him but he continued dancing with Linda she finally gave up and walked away.

Belinda laughed as she saw the sight.


I woke up the next day in a room I couldn't recognise. I woke up and found my self laying next to another person.

I was naked. I woke up and tried to make sense out of everything. I looked down and found my clothes on the floor.

"Ohh my what happened!" I panicked.

I looked on the other side of the bed and found doctor Mulenga lying next to me. He looked very peaceful.

I shook him and he woke up. He was shocked to see me.

"Oh my God." He said.

"No no it can't be." Linda cried.

"Doctor Banda I didn't mean to." Doctor Mulenga said.

Linda couldn't help but cry.

"How did we get here?" Linda asked after she composed herself.

"I don't know. I didn't take any alcohol."

"Neither did I" Linda said.

Doctor Mulenga remembered the person who offered him a drink.

"No she can't stoop that low." He said.

"Please go out I want to dress up." Linda said.

Doctor Mulenga got a bed sheet and covered the lower part of his body. It showed his six pack and Linda couldn't help but stare.


Linda's POV

I had little flash backs of what had occurred. I wondered why I didn't feel disgusted or used. It felt different and not what happened to me as a child but I could never give myself away. I dressed up quickly. I honestly wondered how all this happened it didn't make any sense. I checked my phone and found a lot of missed calls from Grace.

I called Grace and assured her that I was fine. Why was this happening. I had so many change occurring in my life and a man didn't fit in that equation.

I asked my self why I wasn't angry. I didn't know what I was feeling. I never wanted anything to do with men. Why is this happening now?


"Doctor Mulenga am going home ." I said as looked down.

"At least let me take you home. And please call me Andrew."

"Don't worry I will take a taxi."

"No I insist. Let me take you and am so so sorry for what happened. I won't happen again." Doctor Mulenga pleaded.

"Fine you can take me."

The drive to my place was quiet and awkward.

I reached home and tiptoed to my room. It was six hours and I was sure every one was sleeping.

I found my mother by the door as I was about to close it.