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Before you read this you don't have to believe none of it
I Don't even know what to say today.
But I will say this, people are in Denial if you can't see it, U don't want to know about it and even if you did see it you still wouldn't want to know about it. After What I went through, imagine stumbling across something that nobody should know, you only hear or see stuff like this in the movies and Trust and Believe me it's real I only have one true Witness and I can't even put his name out there because even his mind was BOWN AWAY.
My computer is Wiped Clean all my Movies, Porn,Pictures, Video Games my Music is still there BUT things that I've Researched are GONE subject matter like Dulce Base, Groom Lake, Project Blue Book, the Black Ops program that was disassembled,the Eye Reticle Contacts that changes the Pupil & color in your eyes from 0val to Circle, UFO phenomena the Greys,the Draconians, the Echelons, the the Alphas, the Masons the Illuminati Agenda, Mutilations, the Missing 31,712 kids that have gone missing in the United States alone, the Implants, Gravitational Propulsion Devices, The Super high Speed Monorail Tunnel Systems in the Earth that Travels from New Mexico all the way to New York to Australia and Antarctica the Agenda & More etc all wiped clean off my computer's Hard drive Vanished GONE. I don't even know what to think. And people think that this stuff is made up it's not made up it's REAL No 0ne's supposed to talk about this no one wants to hear about it no one cares until it happens to you.why do you think NASA shut down and dismantled it's space programs because of Whistleblowers because of people that didn't agree with what was going on,Some Knew Too Much where do you think the X-Files came from they didn't just make all that Stuff up if you got a Brain and enough common sense you know you know, the funny part about it I can't even tell no one wat happen to because then people will say I'm crazy that's the funny part everybody knows I'm not crazy I'm Venture off into places I'm not supposed to venture off into, but i will say this I have a Dermatologist my Dermatologist noticed that I had a Rash growing on my body well that's what he thought it was it was actually Scales growing on my skin at a massive rate,Yep about 10 - 14 different doctors came into the room 2 examine my skin when that happened I knew something was up even the nurses was looking freak out none of them knew what it was, No one they did a Biopsy on my skin they ask me if I have been out of the country I told them N0 I have never been out of the United States and did not know what it was they have Never seen nothing like that B4 Scales growing on human skin in their life I had to be Quarantined for a couple of days to make sure it wasn't contagious I've Never Ever Spoke Of This In My Life, there is Documentation and a video that shows me when I had this from my neck all the way down to my feet even to the palm of my hands even to the bottom of my feet, it Never Covered my face as far as it went it stopped at my neck the doctors even said nothing on Earth can coat the palm of your hands or the palm of your feet like that,that's impossible, like Scales you can peel them off and they grow back My Witnesses are my mother my family my kids mother and some of my close friends in life and Hospital staff still to this day I have a copy of the video that I show no one but the closest people to me I showed people stuff they don't even want to look at my kids mother get super freaked out because she saw things firsthand when they came to that skin Scale rash or whatever it was and even still till today it still comes back and they still don't know what it is I can put my hands in super hot boiling water and it won't even hurt.Stuff I talk about they say I shouldn't be talking about it, I'm not even going to get on that point that... the Truth is tough nobody wants to hear it our world is Not our World this is Not our Planet we were put here as cattle and evolved that wasn't supposed to happen but it did I was looking at something that I wasn't supposed to be looking at of course and there was something mentioned the Headquarters the home Base of whatever you want to call it, is on the moon.... the Dark Side of the Moon that's basically how they keep track of what's going on, on this Planet Earth and Observe us nobody can go to the Moon there's no getting there they control Basically all of our Entertainment, and Technology still how is that possible all of the stuff that they put out 2 Entertain us, imagine if it was True they're showing us the big picture right in front our eyes but everybody just thinks it's just Entertainment. boat neck scoop wedding bridal collections
It's a feeding ground and we're the food lucky for us that there is almost eight Billion people on the planet most of the livestock mammals ,animals fish, marine life are almost Gone this is why everything is being cloned and Organically Made, a lot of scientists knows what's going on but they can't speak out about it, know your fifth Amendment rights