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I always have loved and believed that such feeling would be forever.
Moreover, even if it were only for me. I always have.

I never thought that love would choose the object of our desire, nor its duration and permanence.

Throughout this exercise of love, I tried, unconditionally, to live according to my beliefs, my values and foremost, my allegiance before it, love, and its North.

Recognize that we are not ready to be touched by the love is something quite painful, however, the love in its perfectly free existence and unexplained origin, love remains absolute and reigns even among inglorious bastards. There would be different with us. bohemian style dresses for evening show

Live through love and its fragile, fickle and absurd way to express itself and its guidance in our coronary contingencies. It only proves us its particular and unmistakable existence between these lovers - those who love and show display affection.

Yes, love surpasses all understanding. Devoid of any emotional conjecture, it, love always know what comes for.

We live in a time of deep loving anesthesia - We have time for everything but love. Responsible love for our inability, inefficiency and amateurism in achieving true love.

Pasteurized, bruised and deeply injured, are the last Sweet Barbarians - A contradictory loving and deeply insightful barbarism.

The refinement of how we deny their existence and corroborate their stay and belief in the expression and exercise of it. It is also deeply perverse, severe and insolent.

The unsuspected truisms that cover our sophisticated rage, kills slowly, it, the love, in a full public square.

I also trust my days and my hopes, as they are for it, and my best affections of them are the coat of my guard and watch its glory and stay in my emotional history.

I am also loyal to love in my poetry and my sweet fantasy to remain unmoved even the stamped and declared destruction of that elusive generation, waiting quietly for it, love, falls and with it, their faithful and wild guardians.

Choose to live the wild joy of that love, or else accept the excruciating weight of eternal shame.

Silence takes place! Redeem is required.

Gilbert Antonio.
Word Maker