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cheap sexy wedding dresses

~Mesia's Sellin' A Whole Lotta Stuff Post~

Been busy with rl stuff and haven't had the time for Mabi anymore, so i figured i should liquidate some of the items off my account. Offers welcome, and any questions, just ask! Messaging me on Facebook will be quicker unless you need item specifics, as i'm not usually on Mabi.

IGN: mesia12

Headgear: Volume Beret, Cores' Knob Beret, Criminal's Ski Mask, Starry Wizard Hat, Large Ribbon, Eyepatch, Giant Hanbok Bandana (F), Vintage Cores' Knob Beret, Hot Springs Cap, Jiang Shi Hat, Summer Knit Cap, Traditional Plateau Tribal Hat (F), Vintage Dragon Felix Helm, Laertes's Wig, Romeo Wig, Tybalt Wig, Glewyas Wig, Waboka Wig, Admiral Owen Wig r1, Annick Wig, Tara Infantry Helmet (Giant M), Knight Wing Plate Helmet, Antonio's Wig, Fox Cap, Shamaness Hair Band, Silver Trio Earring (Left Ear), Mini Nurse Cap, Ninja Anju's Wig x2, Monster Shark Hat, Friendly Shark Hat, Bat Crown (M), Ogre Crown (M), Pumpkin Crown (M), Penguin Festival Cap, Buck-toothed Rabbit Mask, Altam Wig, Adonis Hat (M)(2/3)+(3/2)

Clothing/Armors: Dragon Scale Armor (M), Spark Leather Armor, Turban Shell Armor (M), Lymilark Nun Uniform, Ceremonial Dress x2, Selina Sexy Bare Look, Premium Newbie Wear, Patron Wear (2/2),Japanese Traditional Clothing (M), Terra Gothic Suit, Premium Newbie Ensemble, Premium Elf Winter Newbie Wear (M), Premium Giant Winter Newbie Wear (F), Admiral Owen's Marine Uniform, Kousai's Cor Costume, Sinead's Formal Wear, Cat Armor, Royal Knight Armor, Belmont Wear (M)(3/2), Raccoon Cub Wizard Suit for Men, Birnam Plate Armor (1/3), Adonis Wear (M)(2/2)

Gloves: Primitive Fox Gloves (F), Trinity Gloves (1/1), Turban Shell Gauntlet, Knight Wing Plate Gauntlets, Shamaness Gloves, Cat Gauntlets, Broken Horn Trainee Gloves (For Giants), Cressida Glove (4/0/1)

Footwear: Magic School Shoes, Turban Shell Boots (M), Vanalen Ribbon Boots, Belmont Shoes (M)(0/2), Adonis Shoes (F)(3/4), Bunny Dress Shoes, Dragon Scale Greaves, Shamaness Shoes, Traditional Korean Shoes (F), Adorable Raccoon Shoes (F), Beach Sandals, Cuddly Chicken Loafers, Adonis Shoes (M)(4/2)

Robes/Wings: Lava Cat Robe, Royal Striped Robe (M), Penguin Robe x2, Owl Robe, Tiger Robe, Rainbow Sheep Jumpsuit, Cuddly Chicken Robe, Halloween Pumpkin Robe, Frog Robe, Shooting Star Robe, Nakuru Dragon Pattern Magician Robe (M), Mushroom Robe, Halloween Pumpkin Robe, Muffler Robe x2, Oriental Robe, Druid Robe (M), Giant Wolf Robe, Golden Flame Wings, Red Angel Wings, White Angel Wings, Black Angel Wings, Trifold Archangel Wings, Wings of Tuan, Incubus Wings

Sets: Sailor Set (M), Sky Dragon Wear Set (M), Space Cat Set (M), Gothic Lolita Set, Pierrot Set, Elatha Set, Vanalen Formal Set (M), Bat Set (M/F), Lugh's Set, Odran Set, Diamond Patterned Leather Set (M), Shamala Set (M), Huw Set, Dustin Silver Knight Set, Hebona Set (10/11), Nuadha Set (M), Trinity Set (M)(10/10), Adonis Set (M)(10/10), Bohemian Set (M)(10/10), Patron Set (11/12), Cressida Set (12/11/11), Bone Marine Set (M), Chinese Dragon Set (Human/Elf/Giant), Thames Plate Set (10/10), Colossus Set, Colin Plate Set, Dark Knight Set (M), Birnam Set (12/11)

Accessories: Transparent Virgo r1, Rose Ring r1 x2, Rose Ring x2, Virgo Ring Torque x2, Stout Earthquake Acc x5, Stout Purple Heart, Surprising Cornflower Acc x4, Precise Lily Acc x3

Weapons: Demonic Nightmare Dream Catcher, Allegro Melody Lyre, Lizard Violent Champion Knuckle R1 r1 3l, Speedy Heavy Punch Bracer Knuckle R5, Dowra's Golden Gun r1, Black Star r1, Recruit's Semi Auto Dowra SE, Sun Prophet Colt, Earthquake Cylinder, Safeguard Breeze Hurricane Cylinder, Synergy Magma Volcano Cylinder, Moist Ripple Tidal Wave Cylinder, Hagi's Shuriken, Carpinus Healing Wand, Savage Fire Wand S6, Mana Needle Spike Hermit Staff S6, Celtic Guardian Staff, Glorious Sniping Wing Bow R6, Black Dragon Knight's Bow r1, Bhafel Hunter r6,
Carved Colossus Demonic Illusion Control Bar R5 r1 3l, Focused Rainbow Beam Sword x2, Secret Penetrating Oculus Lance R5, Lizard Professor Shield Of Avon, Black Dragon Knight's Sword r1, Spike Berserk Francisca S6, Wolf Hunter's Belligerent Falcata R6, Belligerent Falcata R1, Masterpiece Bow, Holy Eagle Mask, Synergy Wave Rebis Gaurd Cylinder, Warring Sword of the Goddess, Tanto x2, Yoshimitsu x2, Muramasa x2, Wakizashi x2, Liberty Saber r1 x2, Katana, Masamune, Beholder's Shield, Metal Fire Wand, Metal Ice Wand, Metal Lightning Wand, Morning Glory Lute, Simple Wizard Mandolin, Haku's Fan, Wing Bow x3 r2, Shadow Hunter's Spike Wing Bow, Fluffy Puppy Bag, Gigantic Table Fork, Chef's Passion, Morning Glory Standing Microphone x2, Standing Concert Microphone, Wireless Concert Microphone, Ghost Hammer, Skull Battle Axe, Ruyuefeixue's Butterfly Fan cheap sexy wedding dresses

Enchants: Eager, Thief, Collector, Synergy Lifesaver, Pierrot x2, Blunt, Sun, Fleet, Dexterity, Catastrophic, Witch, Absolute, Elven, Extraordinary, Amplified, Rhythm, Alteration, Ancient, Stiff, Classic x2, Hot Foot x3, Hot Foot Elegant x2, Obsidian, Island, Imp, Theatrical, Moist, Fox Hunter's, Frost, Dependable, Berserk, Heated, Melting, Water Drop, Soaked x2

Enchant Burns: Moist, Conceptual Avenger x2, Glittering Brown Fox, Tilted, Wild Boar, Fox Tired Man, Wolf Hunter's Smash, Wolf Hunter's Counter, Untamed Energetic, Wolf Hunter's Energetic, Hard, Windy, Careless, Breeze, Corundum, Water Drop

Misc: Commerce Reforge Tool, Assorted Dyes (Metal, Cloth, Ego), Raid Crystal x13, Fine Raid Crystal x15, Finest Raid Crystal x6, 2nd Title Coupons (Lileas x2, Lassar, Kristell x2, Fomor Token), Prairie Dragon Blood, Prairie Dragon Bone, Black Dragon Blood, Black Dragon Flesh x2, Shield Of Avon Manual, Muffin of Luck x10, Blue Up Stone x21, Speed Walk Potion 30% (5min) x3, Speed Walk Potion 30% (10min) x9, Speed Walk Potion 40% (10min) x12, Barri Dungeon Pass Box x14, Math Dungeon Pass Box x10, Rabbie Dungeon Pass Box x11, Ciar Dungeon Pass Box x3, Reading Chair x2, Living Room Chair x2, School Chair, Broken Ring Frame x13, Lightless Metal Fragment x7, Giant Broken Emblem x3,Broken Emblem x3, Huge Armor Fragment x6, Black Sealing Metal x6, Blackened Blade Fragment, Jagged Soul Shard + More!

El Fin