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Biafra with all it's attendant agitation will remain a pipe dream as long as we still have a country called Nigeria.
After the civil war in 1970, the northerners mostly comprised of the Hausa/Fulanis settled, relaxed and embraced one Nigeria and in that process heavily recruited their youths into the military. While the ndigbo greatly embraced business and fantasy ex ... odus outside Nigeria just to feel and bask in the eupohoria of living abroad, which is a norm in a typical ndigbo family, the Northerners prefered sending their men into the military and having them in droves here in Nigeria. Now, at any point of agitation, the military greatly populated by the same northerners will always be called upon to quell it. At every point in time, they have the men and military might to stop any agitation in an entity called Nigeria. It's either the agitation will come when they are in power or when they are incharge of the military and stoppping it can never be a problem. This can be confirmed in recent times when IPOB lamented how their area was heavily invaded by fulani and northern army personells. chic wedding pieces with lace top
The region called Niger delta is not also exempted from this complacence. While the northerners were busy joining the army, our youths were busy forming a pseudo military force not recognised, not branded and without good military training, claiming ''Niger Delta militancy.'' How many are we in the Nigerian millitary force?? Shamefully few!
Since African agitation for self succession are mostly through hate speeches and terrorism, the military at all times positioned to check internal security threats will always be called upon to maintain peace and in the Nigerian aspect, the northerners will always have the upper hand to end such crisis since the Nigerian military is heavily populated by them.
Agitation at times require force and war, in the Nigerian context, any war will never favour Igbos because you can easily point out few of their men in the military and totally annihilate them if such comes to be. So how can Biafra be realized??
Equally, the Nigerian constitution does not have a spot for referendum which could have birthed Biafra, again, how can Biafra be?
As it is, It's better to just shove biafra agitation up the asses of all those still having this dream and strife to work for a better Nigeria. Biafra is an illusion which will remain same till thy kingdom come!!

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