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cocktail party selections in coral

Have you thought Plexus is only for weight loss?? It is SOO much more than that!! Here is a product I am absolutely in LOVE with that isn't related to weight at all!


# Acne . # Rashes . # Scars . # Sunburn . # StretchMarks . # Wrinkles . # Cellulite Dry/Flaky Skin. Which one cream, alone, helps with all of these issues (and more)? ...
# PlexusBodyCream !

Body Cream began as a Breast Cream when Plexus was initially a breast health company and was known for healing and toning skin. After realizing the full potential it had, the Body Cream is now used from head-to-toe for various uses. Many ladies use it in their wet hair prior to blow drying for extra body and softness. Many use it on their face frequently and on dry skin. During pregnancy and following delivery of their babies, many women have had great results with stretch mark reduction or removal. There are some skin diagnoses with patchy, dry, red, itchy skin that the Body Cream clears up for so many people, when the topical steroid creams and other prescribed medications do not. It has cleared up sunburn after just a few applications -- And people experienced that they no longer had red angry skin and it wasn't itchy, flaky or painful afterward. cocktail party selections in coral

What is it that makes this Body Cream different? It is plant-based with # SpirulinaAlgae and # ActivatedCharcoal that are carried deeply into the skin by # AloeVeraGel , Sweet # AlmondOil , # GrapeSeedOil , # EveningPrimroseOil , # LavenderOil and # RosaceaeOil . If you were to research many of these natural ingredients, you'd find that they are scientifically proven to:
# detoxify and help fight against age-advancing # toxins and # impurities ;
# antioxidant properties;
smoothe and # moisturize ;
# AntiInflammatory properties;
defense against UV damage to the skin's DNA;
protects the skin from oxidative damage;
nourish the skin;
skin # toning /tightening properties;
lightening of dark circles around the eyes;
anti-septic properties;
An astringent effect on the capillaries, reducing redness;
# AntiWrinkle effects.

In summary, Plexus Body Cream brings new life and # vibrancy to your skin! You don't have to be ashamed of those problem areas on your skin. Use Plexus Body Cream and be comfy in your skin!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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