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cocktail with green color

For Justin Case . who asked "What do you LIKE? Besides your kid (daughter) and your art."

An appropriate summation of things I like that may be a little inappropriate. cocktail with green color

I like Bourbon
I mean I like other things
like Scotch, and
Irish whiskey
but single malts
not blended
blended whiskies suck
because they are blended
to taste like single malts
speaking of blended

I like coffee,
but only like how i like my politics
with brown sugar
not that bleached crap
and very little cream
like very little
if it turns lighter than my skin
I won't touch it
you got to have some white
if you are going to rule the world

Speaking of white
that rules the world
If only cocaine didn't
Go up your nose
swell your nostrils
sometimes taste like gasoline
was highly addictive
cause impotence
Cause you nose to drip for three days after use
causing you to lie to your family
at holiday dinners
while all your friends give you the side eye
for constantly running to bathroom
to blow snot out your nose
or put sugar booger in it
can totally fuck up you life
empty you bank account
making you look like a schmuck to your children
it could possibly KILL YOU
................ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I would like cocaine
I mean I kind of do
in the same way
I like white supremacy
and that's dope

the reason I like drugs and alcohol so much
is because no great story
ever started with the words
let me think responsibly here
so be it mine
or yours
or the the two of us in agreement
I like bad decisions
they usually lead to
late night behind bars phone calls
to best friends
brother in laws
or some one you can hide body with

I LOVE Jersey
is a whole nother poem
by itself

I like sex
the problem with that is
in my humble opinion
monogamy can be boring
super boring
unless we agree to share
I like threesomes
just more taco than sausage

I like it
when my lover whispers in my ear
how she did things
to another man
that would make him change his name
to Christopher Johnson
but on a daily basis
he would realize
He was one time lucky
and couldn't
give her half the man reasons
that keep her coming home
to me

I love my mom's Sweet potato pie
but I don't know if I love it
because I miss my Grandmas'
Pecan Pie
My mom can't commit a sin in the kitchen

and I have to say
I hate potato salad
unless you were born in Georgia
and know how to stick your foot in it
on a August red dirt Saturday

I don't like family
passing away
it's a way better excuse
For collard greens and cornbread
Black eyed peas and rice
butter beans
fried chicken
and all the reasons we excuse
the genocide of tribes
the hundred of people of coltor
who sacrificed themselves
in defense
of being treating as human
so that
in the name of white supremacy
we gather with family
to act like
we are not thankful
it wasn't us

I like cooking
I once took a job
at a Portuguese Restaurant
when the bus boy quit
because the chef
wouldn't tell me
how to make the white wine dipping sauce
for the Portuguese Chicken Sandwich
It was my birthday
stayed with this family five years
went from bus boy
to prep cook
to working with the sous chef
to short order cook
to waiting tables
full circle
all to find out
the secret ingredient in the sauce
was love

I love HIP HOP
but not this scarred knee
10 dollar blow job
back alley whore
sh'e become
These small town artist
can't stay for the full show
wait for there time to rock
hit the stage
then hit the front door
yeah rock star
fuck your flow
Mc's perform in basements
living rooms and in front of the corner store
back packing or Cadillac-ing
start back tracking
to back when
Antix was champion
my free style still better than most these kin
who feed there kids McDonalds
when it's they weekend
and on their album act
they Big man Dad to they children
Secretly, I am one of the best battle rappers
in the city
and few people
real people
will tell you about the time
I smashed six rappers
in a cypher
and only Anthony Raidge Burton and Face Casey Laurent
were the only two I wouldn't challenge that night.

as much as I love being black
but not black in the skin
not black as in
this culture being sold back to us
but black
like how our
and language
connects us

did you know
there are six different dialects of black language
in Atlanta alone
at least four basic in Jersey
with different variations
depending on if your peeps
are from NY, Philly or the south
New York
Nuevo York
has as infinite keys of black dialect
as a piano has musical notes
I like language
unfortunately I live in Rhode Island
I need to learn spanish
I guess

There is a litany of things I like
The black history of Denver and black cowboys
the first black millionaire coming out of Indianapolis
and she was a woman
How black veterans
secretly get together at local watering holes
and talk about who is important to us
and how we can smuggle them out the city
we live in
when the white supremacist shit
hits the fan
because it will
like I like fire fights where every bullet I fire
makes a body hit the ground
and c4 explosions that clear land mind field expanses
and 24 hr guard duty
where I wish a kid
a pregnant woman
a foreigner speaking a language I don't understand
would cross my parameter
just so I can follow orders
and hold the line
because my desire to hurt other people
is only super superseded
by my desire to hurt myself

I like a lot of things
but I don't celebrate these bullshit holidays
these reason black people are indoctrinated
into believing
we owe our American existence
to their global atrocities.
like a debt of gratitude
I like a lot of things brother
just not everything you like.......
I like you
a lot
when I say it's time to go
be ready to leave