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Gastro has hit our home. Vertigo nausea all sorts of horrible.hoping I can contain it to me only. Oliver has ear and sinus and ear congestion he's feeling lousy. Not at all happy with the past few weeks. X had Locum arrive at ten last night. Rudest most horrid man. All three of my tribe awake including Aaron who woke at the arrival of the doctor. Doctor spoke rudely to Aaron saying he couldn't come near me as he needed to check my belly. I made it plain that Aaron could sit where he needed to be. Told him about recent gall bladder op and complications of op he inspected my belly by lightly pressing my belly no listening just a few light prods
He then asked if I had been under any stress lately. WHAT!!! If having a gall bladder op 5 weeks ago wasn't enough stress and coming home to three kids during school holidays. He then offered me a needle to settle nausea. He proceeded to prepare the thing pretty much in my face without any consideration if patient had phobia to needles. I began to cry feeling very unsure about his bedside manner and or skill. I told him I'd rather he did not use it he said roll over I said no thankyou he looked at me with disdain. I had a feeling this guy was going to jab that thing hard into me and after the day of nausea I just didn't want to tolerate any more. After taking down his notes and prescribing me something for nausea he left with Lucille seeing him out where he swung the door so hard it nearly whacked the outside door Lucille coming in saying how rude he was to her. What a jerk. !! Preparing school lunch for Aaron has been a test of my gut metal. Had a dental appt today that will definitely have to wait. country dresses for a wedding in western style
Not a happy camper. Xx