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courthouse wedding dresses

Well,my name is Kirima Gescard,i was fifteen years old when i dropped out of school,St.Pius IV Makoko Seminary located at was after a clush out of a general expulsion of all Form 2 student that i was floating in the streets of Tarime Mjini.It was a night of 29th October 1999 while at the cinema hall watching the events of Mwalimu Nyerere funerals before i thought of a wierdest thing i never imagined before.I was chilling with my friends like Richard Luaga and Benson Luaga chatting and drafting about life,all of a sudden,

"Gescard Gescard,do something" the sound hooted in my mind, three times.

I was smoking a cigarette but could not feel it anymore,

"Guys,am leaving",i told my colleagues .

''Where are you going now,lets chill out for a beer",Benson Luaga offered.

''Lets go brother'',off we went together with 'Rich' as the third fella was famously known in Tarime Town.

That night was a tchaos night,as climbing uphill along Nyamwaga road,fully charged with 'the medicine' as we used to call marijuana in our slang.

"Let me go and break my Dad's draw,pick some dimes and go to Dar es Salaam check on the life in town",I decided.

That's when i was making a u turn in my life.

I was born in Bagamoyo,district along the coastal regions of East Africa,around the place called Dunda,being the first born followed by three siblings,four in total,was subjected to many tensions,ups and downs,

I remember in the year 2000,February 29th,was preparing to go back to school after staying at home for two consecutive years.

"Marwa,wee Marwa",my Mom called anxiously,

"Mommmmmmm",replied while waking up from a deep sleep,it was already morning.

I was put in a lock up for three months without coming out of the house,in dark room,poorly ventilated as part of punishing me having commited the latter crime of robbing off Dad's money.

"Jitayarishe unaenda Uganda kusoma",i heard her voice through the window of the room i was confined.


Florence:The bride to be

Kirima: The bridegroom to be

Santiel: The God mother/Next lady of the bride

Mwalyambi:Next man of the wedding


Drummers,xylophone players,flutists,dancers,escort to the bride/groom,the invited villagers and unlimited crowd makers of the a special local brew,designers o civil wedding dresses,parents,priests,the Bishop.


These being days of the restoration of Kingdoms.And traditional leaders in the country,the parents wanted to make a special wedding for their children that had been abandoned for a number of decades.

Florence had chosen a man,or rather a man had been chosen for her from a trusted and respectable Nalubuye Florence was a twin sister to her brother Wasswa who had been delivered first while she followed a bit after.According to tradition,this was an unusual birth,so a lot of ceremonies had followed the birth in establishing and securing the twins sometime after their birth.

The parents therefore for years prepared to give their daughter to a special man,that was called Gescard Kirima ;The traditional god that dried a rain cloud ,that would have brought disaster in form of storms or floods.So,for a time,a wedding was to be made in a special way,away from the popular modern and copied designs of the current times.

After a quiet and silent marriage vows inside Bagamoyo DC's office with just a few witnesses including Mama Veronica Migera and Dad Brendan G. Kirima ,the climax came with the wedding.One car was used but,two strong couple had come with the money carried shoulder high from two miles away to the DC's office,couple were being escorted by a big troop of women all dressed like the bride in bark cloth.

The dress,leaving an open top but being tied just above the bosom.The groom was also dressed in bark cloth tied around one shoulder,the other being left bare.

He too,was escorted by a big troop of men.

Wedding these days use fancy cars or even horses.But this entourage attracted all the passers by,who ullulated and joined to escort the couple to see more of the crowd.They thus entered the DAS's office waving to the congregation up to their prepared seats,the other bridal pairs looking curiously often at them.We were on the dancing floor dancing on the tunes of the tracks among other billboard songs banging in the club like maumivu per day by King Kiba,sikomi by Diamond,something just like this by Chain makers feat Cold play,make it up by Yo Gotti feat Nick Minaj,despacito by Justin Bieber et cetera. courthouse wedding dresses

The day was precious and most of the revellers were very eager to see what kind of a wedding would be in such a traditional way...