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Since I was a litle girl I always felt no one ever cared
feelings of love given to me was never ever shared


All my life I was pushed around from pillar & to post
I always felt like I was ignored invisible like a ghost

I have always kept my feelings all bottled up inside
I only confided in my pillow all my tears on it I cried

Even now that I'm a grown up the bottle still holds me
that little girl who bottled up her feelings to be free

But now I'm trapped inside the bottle of my mind
everything that I have suppressed is now confined

The bottle that I'm locked inside is all of my past pain
thoughts that I never openly shared I still can't again

So my message from my bottle that I hold from long ago
don't bottle up your feelings always let someone know

Deep inside I'm still that little girl trapped inside my mind custom bridesmaid wears by handmade
can't see no way out of my bottle my way forward I can't find

Now I'm forever


Copyright J. Ashton
June 2017
Dreams of Jeannie

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