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destination garments for the beach wedding

Ten supplements I reccomend and why you need them:

1. Whey protein: easy way to boost your muscle nutrient and boost both your immune system and suppress your appetite. Since you drink it you also get more fluids in your diet.

2. Multi vitamin blend. Why: unless you calculate each day you get most of your micronutrients via food which takes a lot of monitoring you are likely to miss out on some.


3. Caffeine. Why: caffeine makes you MOTIVATED, improves your strength, facilitates fat burning. I get mine from coffee though.

4. Fish oil. Why: omega 3 is an essential amino acid you need for healthy cell membranes and brain function. Fats are needed to absorb some vitamins like vitamin K and D. Both those are needed for bone health.

5. NAC. Why: anti oxidant which supports your liver. It's found naturally in whey protein, but "big" doses regularly offers benefits. I've taken 500 mg 4 times per day.

6. Glucosamin Chondroitin. Why: provides building blocks for your ligaments and joints. It's not a supplement you feel over night, but over time it builds up.

7. Vitamin D3. Why: Unless you're out in the sun a lot you'll be deficient. The old reference range is outdated. Since you don't want to get leathery, wrinkly old looking skin from tanning to get your vitamin D it's smart to supplement with it. destination garments for the beach wedding

8. Creatine. Why: it's the most studied supplement we got which boosts all from strength to brain function. It has even been studied as a link between creatine deficiency and Autism.

9. Probiotics. Why: your gut is the center of your immune system. Support it so it can USE the food you eat to build muscle and burn fat properly.

10. Milk thistle. Why: detoxes your liver which is a very important organ for almost everything.

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