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dress below the knee tea length

My day ends at midnight. After I spend a good 10 hours helping people whom are having the worse day of their lives. I get two 15 mintue breaks to fed the baby and make dinner for us. Emergency, delays, natural disasters, loss, language and it all ends at midnight. I wake up a couple times through the night to comfort a teething bouncing loving baby girl, I try at least three times a week to wake up at 4am and attend Barre class. 45 mintues of me. If not I need to be up by 8 dress below the knee tea length ... am anyways because my little Pumpkin is up. Then I spend the rest of my day doing house work, feeding , changing, dancing, singing, laughing , soothing. Can't really apologize for losing my glasses or misplacing a sock or not putting every toy back. It's a good life, somedays I want a big glass a wine and some serious TLC, other days I want a quiet bath. I can be so utterly exhausted but in my heart I know, someday when I am older and life has shifted
.I will miss these days.. till then amen for strong coffee , a good sound track and a really good keep up the smile kiss.

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