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fitted bodycon wedding wears With Lace Appliques

if you know someone who has one, if you have one, if you love me, please read this, ive suffered for 12 years in prison with my disease, I have a reprieve now but it comes with a pretty high price tag, and many side effects from the disease that will last for the rest of my life. i wish to share understanding, and compassion, and empathy. I love people with chronic illness, dear friends, and family members, facebook friends who have become dear..I have been severe and homebound for so many years that this reprieve is like a new life even with the lasting symptoms and fears that come with treatment. i lost people and hurt about it, and then lost so many more that i just let it be and found happiness in art, and my self and my family. understand on a level that is new to you, and practice it. it makes a huge difference, and day it could be you. or one of your children, or your parents..Thanks Catherine for sharing this, you are one of my dear friends, and im so glad you know this. fitted bodycon wedding wears With Lace Appliques