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formal wears dressed in graduation occasion

Prayer request...

'Hi Rob. I need help. I'm 48 and have a very faint positive pregnancy test. This is my 12th pregnancy - 3 living children (21-13), 7 miscarriages, 1 molar pregnancy, and this latest one.

I have low progesterone, so with several of our losses, I miscarried three days after having a positive test. I'm in desperate need of someone who can help. I need an OB who takes our insurance, who will order a Quant, and will respect our faith and choices. My PCP w formal wears dressed in graduation occasion ... on't order the test, and time may be short. Tomorrow is the 3rd day. I am hoping and praying that is a new little one; we have been aching for another baby for so long.

Thank you. God bless.'

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