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items looks sexy to wear with long length

For those who don't know, on July 12th, I went in for a colonoscopy to see if I had hemorrhoids. When they got In there they found a polyp and when they tested it, it came back as cancer. So I have what is called a Neuroendocrine tumor in my rectum. They also tested the stems of the tumor and it also came back as cancer. So the next step now is for my doctor to get in contact with the surgeon so they can schedule a meeting with me and the surgeon to set a date for surgery.
My doctor said they won't need to use radiation or chemo therapy. If you can pray that the talk with the surgeon goes well and the surgery goes well. Just wanted to update people about what's going on. As far as me with it, I'm not scared that I am going to die from it, I was scared at first but I have accepted it now and I'm at peace with it. I change my diet completely. I took out all process sugars and breads. I'm in trying to eat as much of a plant base diet that I can, I'm also starting to juice now. items looks sexy to wear with long length