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For Adoption:
Current location: Bedford:

My name is Nova. I am now 9,05yrs old. I have bn waiting 4yrs for someone to take me home & love me. Y does no one want me? Wat did I do wrong?
I am currently in foster in Bedford where I share a home with 2 lovely elderly Labradors & another crazy Staffy. (Crazy is not the word, my foster brother drives me nuts at times)!!!!
I was rescued frm an awful bloke who beat me up & throw me dwn stairs all becoz I wldn't fight other dogs for him. So he started getting other dogs to attack me. They really hurt me. I had lots of open wounds. My neck, face, legs & sides were all bleeding & they hurt really bad. My owner just laughed whn he saw hw hurt I was. He nvr got me to the dr or treated my wounds. He rarely fed me. Said, I didn't deserve feeding as I was useless. I jst wanted to die. Then I saw this lovely lady. She was talking to my owner. Then all of a sudden, she picked me up in her arms & together we walked away. I was vry scared. I didn't no whr we were going or wat was going to happen but I didn't really care I was hurting to much. She put me in a car. Wrapped me up in a blanket. It felt really warm & soft. Nxt thing I knew she had me at the Drs'. The Dr treated my open wounds. I heard the dr tell my rescuer that there was intensive damage done to my hind legs that I needed an operation to correct the damage.I felt scared but safe all at the same time. My rescuer made the appointment for me to go bck a few days later. After we finished at the drs she took me home. A few days later, we went back where i underwent the operation. lace ball gown wedding dresses
This is the basic story abt Nova. He had fallen into the wrong hands where he was used as a bait dog.
After several wks whn he was well enough we started work on his rehabilitation. Nova was so scared of other dogs he wld attack them before they attack him. Nova is now the happy go lucky dog. He is gd with other dogs provided they r calm & don't size up to him or get too much into his face.
Nova can live with older children 8yrs upwards. Younger children make him nervous (understandable due to his senior yrs now). Nova CANNOT LIVE WITH CATS!!!
Nova is fully castrated. / upto date with all medical requirements. & is microchipped. Nova loves going out on walks. He gets vry excited whn it's walkie time. He loves playing ball, tag, swimming, rolling especially in mud or long grass. Nova is halti trained tho he does walk on collar as well. He nos' all his basic commands. Has gd recall but can be suborn at times. Nova is housetrained. He is not distractive when left nor is he a constant barker.. Nova is looking for that special home. A home where he will feel safe. He needs an owner who is home most of the time tho he can b left alone for short periods. He needs a owner who will have the patience to give him the time he needs to settle.
If u feel u can offer Nova the home he needs., pls pm me: Sheena McCarthy for further details abt him.

Homecheck & Adoption fee applies: