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long floor-length prom collections for short petite girls

Reviewer = Gav
Beer = Garage Project Boss Level Ultra IPA
Rating 10/10

So many things were right tonight as the the best advent calendar 2.0 kicked off. The girls were drinking (odds looking good for later), the kids were off playing on the road, the meat was sizzling, the sun was shining, the asian kid was taking photos, the dog was eating food off peoples plates, and the the first first beer this year was an absolute beauty!!!!!! The can to begin took me back to the days of He-Man, voltron, which in turn reminded me of BEER BRUVA!!!!!!!! With prospect Cooze now on board BEER BRUVA is now more powerful than ever. No doubt I would make up the head, Tony the torso (mmmm Mofo), Macca the legs ( Ithink he still rides) Grunta as the arms, and our prospect Cooze would as the Cod piece. Oh shit forgot about the beer. This is the best beer I have ever tasted! If there were a new doco released about men who ahve relationships with beer I could quite possibly be in it. In love this sh!t! Why? long floor-length prom collections for short petite girls

A: back to the can, it has a robot on the can, and what bloke or Coozer born pre 80's doesn't like robots.

B: the name of the brew has the word "ultra" in it! OMG anything with the word "ultra in it has got to be good! Imagine ultra meat loaf for dinner, waaaaaaaaay better than meat loaf. "Ultra-put the kids to bed" actually sounds pretty cool!

C: The beer has floaties! yup Floaties, as discussed, in previous years, you would take it back. "Hey this beer has fricken floaties in it, I want another one!" Not the case anymore, floaties make it way more crafty! No Paul, floaties in dated beer is not the same........ ever.

D: This stuff is 8.5%!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats 3 standard drink yo! Happy days!

E: It tastes shit hot, hoppy, Fruity, long after taste.

I never wanted the beer to end. I am in love, and unlike Macca the liar I will actually partake again.

I love you Garage Project Boss Level Ultra IPA!

Karen Fowler , hope your head is ok, I saw that door run straight at you.

Beer Bruvas for Life!