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Taking Charlie in today to be spayed, I knew it was likely she was pregnant again. I was right, she was 7 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks short of delivering. As a cat lady, knowing that a litter of kittens had to be aborted hurts my heart; but it is the only humane thing to do in order to prevent even more pregnant cats roaming around. It also helps the cats already in shelters get adopted by people who might otherwise look for free kittens.

So, please have your cats spayed/neutered. This is even more important if you plan to let them roam around outside. It is not fair to young cats who end up pregnant multiple times before they are even a year old. It is not fair to the kittens born homeless (who often don't survive long). Also, if you commit to adopting a cat or dog, please stick with that commitment. They are your responsibility. When you neglect them, people like my mom (who cannot not feed ferals/strays and doesn't understand otherwise) and myself have to pay for it, both monetarily and emotionally. long sleeve mermaid wedding dresses

This post is not to make anyone feel bad or sad, but to spread further awareness about the Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program. If you have community cats outdoors and cannot find a rescue (trust me, they are all full), please consider renting a trap, having them spayed (usually at a discount), ears tipped, and released to live. (Image taken from: )