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mauve prom dresses

How is it that those that are more confused about who they are actually get laws made that create more confusion and encourage the confusion ?

God is not the author of confusion. This all falls into the category of romans 1:18-28

And those that are confused cant even see that they are demanding that we accept their confusion as normal when its not.
And then they throw a tantrum bcs we dont!

Nope. I dont care how you present this, its rebellion against God as to who He created you to be. I played with hot wheels, tonka trucks , army men, wore dresses to tshirts and jeans... It never confused me, i always knew i was a girl bcs that is what God made me! I continued on to play with those things and Legos bcs i had two sons... Bcs im a woman and a mom! mauve prom dresses
God made me what i am before the foundation of the world, and those who claim He made a mistake are showing their rebellion towards Him. He's still God whether they acknowledge His authority or not, Sovereign authority ta boot!