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After a nice joint.......PSA and Poets delight. Live and let live. I ain't got no drama...out of sight out of mind... I just learned a funny thing though...I've been right every step of the way. I have to believe that the work that we are doing will change lives, yes including mine. There is no room for dissent. What I have learned is that I absolutely need my weed. It is my medicine. You want crazy put back in the bottle? That's the ticket. Drugs make me crazy. I refuse to take em...done for quite some time and not because of any other reason other than I am done. Cannabis is the only reason I am still here and sometimes sane. Alcohol has ruined nearly every person I know. I'm sick of it. I don't want to peddle it. I stay broke. I can't deal poison. If I could- I would be doing so. Its fucking unconscionable....I want people to have access to cannabis because for several serious ailments it is my one stop shop. There is no half stepping. Either support it outright or get out of the way.....I will not stand by when sick people, myself included, are screaming for access. We are blessed to have compassionate providers, clinicians, doctors, and science to back that up in full. This is not taboo. This is earth shattering groundbreaking work, and I for one am wholeheartedly determined that everyone has safe access to medicine. Its not smooth sailing...its OK. Its moving along..... We are making progress- all of us. Get with it, I guess...the real stake is cannabis. It has never failed me. God gave me this plant. I've said that for brings peace. I left someone cause they can't get with that. I didnt have to drink today...thank you to all in my world who got back my and have had it. Thank God. He is good all the time. I forgive too...let's finish the game! not expensive prom party dresses in color red