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online items to wear in the evening

Have any papermakers or artists out there made paper from Milkweed?
You cut the stocks in foot long segments and soak them in warm vinegar for three days, drain and soak in water overnight.
Pour off water and place stems in a dish towel, roll them back and forth to break up the fibres. If they are old and tough you can pound them but try not to break the fibre too much. online items to wear in the evening
To clean water, add a tablespoon of rice paste, stir in and dissolve, dump in fibres and stir till evenly dispersed.
Now dip, if you have a screen or hand place on a towel. Sandwich between boards. Make sure you have cleaned boards and used a silicone spray on the area where the "paper" will touch.
Weigh down the wood with heavy weights (books, your dog, your car) and wait a few hours.
Remove weights and lift off the board. You will find a hardened and congealed mass with a slightly rubbery feel. If you can draw on it, print on it, or paint on it, good for you!