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over size wedding wears in mermaid trumpet style

From Pastor Danny Silk's book and teaching series on building a CULTURE of HONOR in our personal lives and in church ...

So why does the church-- leaders on down to laity--get all defensive and go into attack mode when people who get how to honor properly and then do it? Because if I call out the gold in you, everyone likes and receives it, whether or not I'm laity or a leader you respect. I'm stroking your ego so you accept without questioning me calling the gold in you. But ... watch this...if I speak anything that even slightly resembles "correction" to you and your perception of me is "less than", you will not receive those words from me and dismiss the words and me as the source. That is pride in operation. We are to submit ourselves TO one another even while we are walking out our daily salvation clause in there about only listen IF the person is a leader or laity person you respect or not. Honor God's way looks so different than in the world. And the church should be leading the way in this...but she is too busy being prideful and offendable and resistant to being washed in and by the word. All of creation is groaning, awaiting MATURE sons and daughters to arise and take their place in the earth in full authority and occupy until Jesus returns. Time to get outta the sandbox...stop throwing sand...take a moment to listen, reflect and pray. He rewards thise who diligently ask, seek, knock with hidden truths. over size wedding wears in mermaid trumpet style

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