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plus figure blue wedding gown

This is soooo true. Read between the lines and make sure you're ready before you commit.
Marriage is more than the pretty wedding and the sweet honeymoon-- it's the lines between that some forget to read and end up divorced 3 months later because they can't stand to be around each other every day or they disagree on everything. You have to choose to love far beyond words. When you truly commit, it's for life. It's not always easy, there will be words exchanged and feelings hurt but make up and never go to bed without a goodnight kiss and "I love you". plus figure blue wedding gown
Having children is more than the beautiful baby shower, the newborn pictures and those little innocent grins. It's about raising your child and teaching them to become all that they can be. There will be wake up calls at 3 AM to give a bottle, fix a snack or give medicine to your child that has a fever of 103. There will be days you will be puked on. And there's days where they only want to be held all day because they feel bad.