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Dave was so distinctly "Dave" that I can perfectly envision everyone's stories as if I were there. This is such a great way to celebrate the good times. Thank you for this platform, Jennifer Klein-Martin , and thank you for everyone who has shared a story.

There are so many funny Dave memories, I don't even know where to start. I laugh every time I look at my profile picture because the photographer knew we were more like brother and sister than anything else so be kept posing us like boyfriend and girlfriend to get a laugh out of us. Through our smiles, we are talking to each other like ventriloquist, "awkward .... snap the picture!" Haha.

This night was the second time Dave showed up dressed to the nines to be a great friend to me. The picture is from a charity event hosted by a young professionals group I co-founded. It was one of our first events and I called Dave to join me. I was so terrified it would be a flop and no one would show up but Dave rounded up all of the Robinsons and they drove down to VB in suits and cocktail dresses and made it a night to remember.

The first time this happened, Dave and I were 16 and I was going to Ring Dance (our JR Prom) and my friend didn't have a date. I called Dave and he showed up in a tux, all the Robinsons in tow, and he took my friend to the dance. He paid for everything, even though I told him he didn't have to and she was prepared to pay for dinner and the event. He wouldn't let her. Everyone wanted to know who this handsome new guy was. A college guy? He was the talk of the town.

And now for some funny stories! Dave's comedic timing was perfect! The weekend before Thanksgiving a bazillion years ago (or maybe 8? 9? years ago) my dad gave me his Redskins tickets and I drove up to Richmond and picked up Dave and we went to the game together. It was a late game and a long day on the road for me and on our way back to Richmond Dave fell asleep. I couldn't keep my eyes open so I pulled off at a rest stop and took about an hour nap and then got back on the road. When I pulled up to Dave's house he woke up and couldn't figure out where the time went. "How is it 2am?? What happened?" I said, "Dave, I was so exhausted I had to pull off at a rest stop and nap." He jumped out of the car and yelled, "I was sleeping at a rest stop in the middle of the night?! I could have been raped!" And slammed the car door. We laughed so hard for so long at that terrible joke. I still laugh when I think about it. sexy wedding dresses 2019

I remember when we were about 12 we were all sitting in the living room at Duck Downs (in Duck, NC) listening to our parents tell one scary story after another about how each of us had to be saved by one of them in the ocean at one point or another. A wave took my brother from my Dad's hands while on a night stroll when he was 18months. Fred had to swim out and get my brother, Dave and me when we weren't paying attention and the current took us too far out on our intertube. Scary story after another and Dave bursts out, "Geez guys, how many of us were there?!!" Haha. We all fell out laughing. That line was hard for me to write. There were and always will be 6 Meekins and Robinson kids who grew up together and were the best of friends. We will miss you forever, Dave.