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silver sequin bridesmaid dresses

TOMORROW IS THE DAY! VERY LONG POST!! PROBABLY THE LAST CONCERNING THIS EVENT!! THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FOR PUTTING UP WITH THESE MARATHON POSTS, AND I HOPE TO SEE YOU TOMORROW. PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELVES TO ME! DRESS WARM!! Everything's in place for our annual Veterans Give Away. I have one more "go through", the tables will be picked up today, and Santa will be checking his list!! BE AWARE! There is absolutely NO PARKING in the lot of the American Legion from the door to the woods. Standing in front, looking at the front door, the entire space from the right railing into the woods, up to the pond and beside the building is for your goodies from Santa! YES, we have THAT MANY GOODIES for you! People arriving earlier than our delivery trucks and parking where they aren't supposed to, will only cost us time in setting up and it will take much longer if we have to ask you to move. We are a very well, oiled machine! My trucks will begin at daybreak, so don't break your necks believing that if you get there at 7am, you will be shopping! YOU WILL NOT. Our event begins when a VETERAN gives the command, cuts the ribbon and following my statement "Robin's ready to fly," so there is no designated time set at the moment. It begins when we are set up to go and no one will be allowed to "HELP," except those who have already contacted me and asked to do so. I KNOW who they are. My trucks have several runs to do (to say the least) in order to get it all to the Legion. The more you get in their way, the longer it takes for the set up and the longer it will take before you are invited to shop. THIS IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE and simply put, it's the way it must be for the safety of everyone and for the FAIRNESS to EVERYONE. PLEASE DO NOT DETER THEM FROM DELIVERING, as they will "drop and go" get another load of goodies and bring it to us. I have a very strict plan set up and no one is allowed to alter my plan. It is set up so things will flow properly and as speedily as we can make it happen FOR YOU! This will continue until every donation has been delivered and is at the Legion. I'm estimating at LEAST 100 totes and even more boxes, several contractor bags, some small furniture, a large picture painting and many surprises. I will have an ample supply of what's available on every table at all times. WE will be replacing items on every table, as space becomes available. There will be no opening and going through any of my closed totes by anyone visiting and WHO IS NOT A VOLUNTEER! THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!! There will be no "looking through the donations" prior to the actual beginning of this event. MY EVENT, ONLY 5 to 7 VOLUNTEERS CREATING AN EVENT OF THIS MAGNITUDE FOR SO MANY, YOU BET THESE ARE MY RULES!! If anyone has a problem with this, you are not only invited, but encouraged to speak directly with ME! I will be busy the entire time overseeing every aspect of this event. Everyone is invited to approach me with ideas and suggestions which may help us as we take this event into the future. This is MY JOB and YOU will be waited on appropriately and as quickly as we can. Please be patient with us. If you have those cloth shopping bags, it would wise to bring as many with you as you have. Plastic bags will be made available, and Target is supplying us with boxes. MEASURE YOUR WINDOWS FOR CURTAINS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE! LENGTH AND WIDTH. NO PLASTIC packages will be opened. Items are in clear bags so you will be able to see things clearly. All sizes of items are clearly marked and placed inside each plastic bag with the item. Remove my bagged items and sizes, you will be asked to leave and escorted to your vehicle! It also took me the better part of THREE MONTHS to launder EVERYTHING inside those bags. PLEASE use the trash containers instead of the ground for your debris. We will do our best to accommodate everyone's gift wrapping needs, but with very few volunteers, we ask you to please be patient AND KIND. Early arrivers will NOT be allowed to look through donations. This event took months of planning and since we've done so much for you, we are merely asking people to cooperate with us. Just wait and we will bring this together for you very quickly. It will take such a small effort on your part and what you will be getting is MUCH MORE THAN YOU EXPECT! There are several "free" raffles. Make certain you get your raffle cards upon your arrival. Simply fill out your name and telephone number on the back of each ticket and place a ticket in the container of the item/items you wish to win and there will be a drawing every 15 to 20 minutes by a VETERAN! Winners need not be present to win. We will have holiday music to enjoy and don't forget to DRESS FOR THE WEATHER. It's supposed to be chilly and you will be looking at these articles for quite some time if you want to see it all and as you wait to go into the food pantry. There will be a "SPECIAL HONOR" presented to a VETERAN around 10am or so. This is a highlight of our program/event this season. There will be a different Veteran recognized at every presentation I do throughout the coming years! I'm the one wearing the blue coat with the American flag sewed on the back so you can recognize me. If you are looking for something in particular, just ask me. I probably have 5 somewhere!! There are wedding gowns, an "angel" dropped off a bunch of children's brand new clothing and toys, winter coats, women's apparel, men's must have items, jewelry (I stopped at counting 450 necklaces, not including bracelets, earrings, rings, anklets, etc), household appliances, floral arrangements, curtains, tablecloths, everything for bedding, assorted decorative pillows, bric-a-brac, hats, mittens, winter wear, shoes and boots, handbags, YES, a ton of Waverly fabric squares and a host of other crafters items, designer clothing with price tags still on them, women's velour skirts and gowns with sequins and beading (Jacqueline Kennedy would be proud), pots and pans, baskets (oh, GOD! We have baskets!), books for people of all ages, Tupperware, all season decorations, three Christmas tree stands, toiletries, picnic ware AND a picnic basket (wishful thinking), vases, hardware for curtains, curtain rods, YOU NAME IT. We also have a very SPIRITUAL TABLE DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF WALTER AND CONNIE DUDA. I would like to THANK THE ENTIRE DUDA FAMILY, for donating much of Connie's clothing. She was the owner of Camellia's for a great many years and it would please her to know that other women may enjoy her "class and sense of style!" MERRY CHRISTMAS IN HEAVEN AND THANK YOU, CONNIE!! She would be very glad to share her things with those who admired and loved her!! VISITORS, don't be surprised if you find the media there. Anyone having a problem with their photo being taken, should approach me to let me know. Wherever you may park, PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT EMERGENCY VEHICLES from using the road!! OBEY the parking attendants. The police have already been informed of this event. What they say GOES! This is absolutely the largest event in the history of Berkshire Village, every item is free of charge and EVERYTHING IS TO THE CREDIT OF OUR VETERANS, SO PLEASE THANK THEM FOR THEIR SERVICE (a hug wouldn't hurt, either), and don't forget to bring your photos of your loved veteran(s) so we can place them on the appropriate bulletin boards. You may also write something nice about your hero. You may take them home when you please. Tomorrow, "ALL glory and honor, thanks and praise belongs to our Heavenly Father. NEVER thank me. ALWAYS thank HIM!!" See you tomorrow!! LOVE, ROBIN xoxoxoxoxo silver sequin bridesmaid dresses