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A short Canticle for the Orthodox church that may be sung to music.

Ode to Christ by Zozan Abrams

It is where shadows fall close to the hem of your robe that I hide in, like a wee child in love with its mother's skirt and feeling bashful from all the world. I count my faith in numbers as I would my toys that they would trigger sticky, syrupy toffee from the leafy geranium scent of your breath and the clasp of your heartbeat within mine and that from somewhere in the painted sky, you would press a sunset-coated coffee-cup into my palm.

Perhaps you will not forget your divine affection that was promised me in the cunning winter of my time, that I would escape it for the prime of spring where blossoms and wild roses all called your name from a garden hedge and invited me for tambourines, tea and a mandolin next to the window ledge. Oh dear Christ, that I would wait for the summoning of all good, heavenly blessings that follow not my will but yours in the waning summer sun. Amen. tea calf length wedding items for plus size ladies