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white color garments for graduation ceremony

Man the fuckery is real Jasper Hampton Estill And Beaufort oh cant forget Hardeeville...Ladies listen i know we like our cake and to eat it also but you better be careful des days it dont make no sense how im hearing how much men are gay....We Got men out here that we spend our life with That we have children with That we have sex with That we perform oral sex on That we tongue kissing down Men out her thats asking for our hand in marriage....Men who are fucking other men who are undercover Who want come out to the light...Im sorry but i dont want nothing that i cant get rid of
HIV/ sorry but i rather have something that i can get a shot for or take a couple of pills and that shit is gone done with no symptoms Not nothing i have to live the rest of my life with not nothing that kills me slowly i dont want my kids to have to see me die like that im sorry......Men if you like guys fine no problem but you cant have men and women no that shit is not right why would you wanna lay up with another man then come home to yo women like everything is okay its not fuck that just make that shit known man you gay you like men if you is about that life please have some consideration about your other partner use a fucking condom yo its not that damn hard like really why would you wanna do that to us women like really thats the quickest way to get that bullshit like come on frfr who want AIDS who wants to be a carrier of HIV not me or no other women i know that shit affects the whole family Long Story Short Keep that Gay Shit Yall Way Fuck That its 2017 soon to be 2018 that undercover shit is fucking played out frfr yo white color garments for graduation ceremony